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Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 trailer, Siege of Mandalore reveals

The fallout of Ahsoka Tano leaving the Jedi Order will be getting a full reveal when Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 hits the Disney Plus streaming service. Many of the upcoming season’s storylines and a trailer reveal were shown Sunday at Star Wars Celebration.

Executive producer Dave Filoni and many members of the cast took the stage to discuss how they found out about the new season, the events the season will get to depict and teed up a major moment between Tano and Maul. and some surprise guests are lifting the curtain on the revived show at a Star Wars Celebration Chicago panel. 

You can watch the panel now embedded here from the Star Wars YouTube channel. You may have to rewind the livestream back to the panel and the trailer, and once the trailer is online on its own we will update with it.


The show focuses on trainee Jedi Ahsoka, her master Anakin Skywalker and his master Obi-Wan Kenobi as they battle in the titular galactic conflict between the events of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Our recap of the the live event and the trailer is below:


Filoni notes how technically challenging making the show was, but things this season is better than ever.

Ahsoka actress Ashley Eckstein found out about the show’s return while in line for a ride at Walt Disney World, remarking that she got into a furtive text conversation with Dee Bradley Baker following the news.

‘Tell no one, Jedi promise,’ she said.

Sam Witwer, who voices Maul, kept pushing Filoni for details on the Siege of Mandalore, but Filoni’s wife tipped him off when she said ‘Dave, can I tell him?’


Eckstein has since played Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels, which takes place many years after The Clone Wars series.

‘It took me a while to go back to Clone Wars Ahsoka,’ said Eckstein.

And thanks to the pickup of 12 episodes, Filoni was able to finish off concepts that were only partially finished but announced to fans when the show was cancelled.

‘We revamped the show a tiny bit,’ said Filoni. He noted that some of the facial features were tweaked now that the animation technology has improved since the last run of the show.


The Bad Batch, a group of genetically enhanced clones, were previously seen in the unfinished story reels. The crowd was treated to a clip of the Bad Batch taking out a massive squad of battle droids.

Ahsoka’s life on Level 1313 of Coruscant’s grimy underworld has been hinted, where she meets twins Trace and Rafa.

Jumping from wise Rebels Ahsoka to teenage Ahsoka was a ‘challenge,’ according to Filoni.


Ahsoka will be learning from the new people she surrounds herself with.

‘There’s a lot of character development in these episodes,’ said Eckstein, as Ahsoka interacts with her peers.

A second clip from the new season shows Ahsoka’s bumpy descent into Coruscant’s underworld.

The Siege of Mandalore is ‘something fulfilled that I never got to do,’ Filoni noted.

Maul’s new look is inspired by his Solo appearance.

Witwer was ‘shocked’ when he read the script, which Filoni wrote, because Maul tries something ‘new.’

Ray Park, who has physically portrayed Maul since Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was suited up in a mo cap suit for an ‘epic’ Maul lightsaber battle, Filoni said. 

A third clip revealed at the panel is an unfinished scene where Anakin introduces Ahsoka to a Clone Trooper squad, led by Rex, with orange detailing painted onto their helmets.

This leads into the introduction of Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), Catherine Taber, Tom Kane, Matthew Wood and James Arnold Taylor to the stage.

‘Appreciate it we do, yes,’ said Tom Kane in his Yoda voice.

Filoni notes that George Lucas remains a big part of the momentum that got The Clone Wars going.

‘The reason why it works is because I was taught by the master,’ Filoni said, noting how he ‘listened’ to Lucas instead of trying to impress him.

A new trailer made its debut to the crowd, leading off with Ahsoka fleeing from the moment she left the Jedi Order. She claims to have previously lived on the upper levels of Coruscant, blending into the society that lives on the planet’s underworld.

Rex is then seen remembering his brothers that have been lost during the war, and Yoda is ‘no longer certain one ever does win war.’

Ahsoka rides off in a ship with a new ally, and is seen reuniting with both Anakin and Rex. 

The trailer’s big payoff at the end though shows Maul proclaiming ‘I was hoping for Kenobi, why are you here,’ before showing a glimpse of Maul and Ahsoka engaged in a lightsaber battle.

The panel has wrapped, but this story will be updated with further details.

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