Josh and Austin aren’t worried about offending rival teams on MKR.
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MKR villains Josh and Austin reveal they were headhunted

My Kitchen Rules villains Josh and Austin have dropped a bombshell about how they came to be on the show.

The homeschooled brothers have been the main focus of the cooking show this season with their sh*t-stirring behaviour stealing the show at the Instant Restaurants.

Josh and Austin’s insulting comments about rival teams’ food and appearances have outraged viewers and have seen them cop an avalanche of hate online (they happily read out some of the mean tweets they’ve received in the video player at the top of this page).

Now, in an exclusive interview with, Josh and Austin have spoken about how they ended up on the show, revealing they were actually headhunted by producers.

“We’d actually never heard of it before,” Josh told about My Kitchen Rules.

“I didn’t even know the concept,” Austin added.

So how did they end up on the producers’ radar?

“I’ve been cooking since I was 12 and then I post a lot of stuff on Instagram,” Josh said. “One of the producers saw it and said, ‘Hey you’re really good at cooking. You should come on a show called My Kitchen Rules.’”

Josh and Austin told they were initially apprehensive to say yes because they were worried they weren’t experienced enough in the kitchen.

“This is the important thing that everybody should know,” Austin added. “(Josh) said to them straight off the bat, ‘I don’t think I know how to cook, I don’t think it’s my thing.’”

Josh agreed and told, “I basically said to the producer, ‘What about when they use those cooking terms like ‘reduction’? I don’t know what that is!’ And they said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll help you.’ But they didn’t. They just threw me in there and said, ‘Cook, you idiot!’”

In response, a Channel 7 production spokesperson told, “We spend a lot of time casting this program through many different avenues such as food festivals and on social media; wherever food lovers are talking about food.

“We want strong, interesting personalities from all across Australia and all walks of life. But most importantly we want people with a genuine passion for food, who love cooking. That’s its heartbeat.”

Josh and Austin aren’t worried about offending rival teams on MKR.

Josh and Austin aren’t worried about offending rival teams on MKR.Source:Channel 7

Josh and Austin will cook for the other teams for the first time on Sunday night’s episode. A promo that’s airing on Channel 7 at the moment indicates their Instant Restaurant doesn’t go well.

“I’m so, so disappointed right,” Manu says to Josh and Austin in a teaser for the upcoming episode. “This is ridiculous! I’ve never expressed myself like this in 10 years.”

The brothers wouldn’t give too much away about the episode, but doubled down on the fact they were open from the outset about the fact they aren’t great cooks.

“It’s like, what did you expect?” Austin told “We said we couldn’t cook!”

“If you watch, we never claimed to know about food,” Josh added. “We always talked about personality.”

Personality is not something that Josh and Austin lack. Some of the comments they’ve made to rival teams have been so shocking and rude that viewers have accused them of being paid actors.

What do the brothers have to say about the accusation?

“I am an aspiring actor,” Josh admitted to

“We definitely both have a lot of acting experience under our belt. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do since I was five and that was well before MKR.”

But Josh denied that they’re acting on the reality show. “Going on MKR, we did it for the cooking,” he said.

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