The 2Day FM breakfast team: Em, Ed and Grant.

Grant Denyer’s been busted touching himself in a new TV ad

GRANT Denyer gets a little handsy with himself in his latest TV commercial.

The former Family Feud host features in a 2Day FM commercial alongside his Sydney breakfast co-hosts, Em Rusciano and Ed Kavalee.

On air this morning, Kavalee brought up their most recent TV spot and said to Denyer, “This is your chance, Grant, to apologise.”

Denyer explained that he’d only seen the ad for the first time earlier this morning.

“I looked up and our ad was on the tele and I noticed right in the middle of the ad I do a rather large groin readjustment,” he said. “Like a full ‘pick up the package and shift it to the other side of the body’ whilst we’re talking in the ad.”

Rusciano added: “Your junk goes from left to right!”

The 2Day FM breakfast team: Ed Kavalee, Em Rusciano and Grant Denyer.

The 2Day FM breakfast team: Ed Kavalee, Em Rusciano and Grant Denyer.Source:Instagram

Denyer told his co-hosts he was surprised no-one at 2Day FM had noticed his “readjustment” before releasing the ad, but Rusciano joked that wasn’t one of her top priorities.

“I don’t look at your crotch. I’m mainly looking to see if I look fat, let’s be real,” she said.

Denyer then confessed that it’s not the first time he’s been busted touching his “groinal region” on TV.

“Someone told me that I must have some sort of concentration tick where I’m thinking and my hands tapping away,” he said.

“So you’ve been pulled up whilst filming Family Feud for tapping your wang?” Rusciano asked.

“Yeah. So I had a process that when we would start the game I would go around behind the podium where people would hit the buzzers, I would get the adjustment done out of the way with the cover of the podium,” Denyer said.

The former Family Feud host then jokingly apologised for being “so unprofessional” and suggested, “Maybe we should pixelate the ad?”

“How many pixelations do you want?” Kavalee asked.

“Just long and thin, thank you, that pixelation,” Denyer joked.

The 2Day FM breakfast team: Em, Ed and Grant.

The 2Day FM breakfast team: Em, Ed and Grant.Source:Instagram

Em, Grant and Ed airs on 2Day FM each weekday from 6am.

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